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Background and History
Arab Nation and Egypt face many challenges in their way to industrial development. One of these challenges is the insignificance of employing experience to improve performance of all labor force classes; Managers, Engineers and Technicians.
So, there was a need for applying training programs which take benefit from the available experience to qualify workers and gloss their skills.
From this starting point, Alex For You was founded. Opening Ceremony was held in October 2003 in Hilton Green Plaza Hotel. Businessmen, Industrialists and human resources managers attend this ceremony, and representatives of famous industrialists in Egypt. Training institutions in Arab countries also follow up this event specially Gulf countries (e.g. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia).
The center’s actual activity started in January 2004 by training a group of technicians upon "Cooling and Air Conditioning Maintenance" at one of the most important fertilizers company. This course was followed by another upon "Computer for the Upper Management" in one of the most famous spinning and weaving companies. The reaction of the beneficiary was so supportive for our activity.
As we have good relations with Alexandria University, we have motivated the experts to direct their experience towards industry through professional training courses which gather round development, modernization and practical applications
Alex for You Mission
To improve the performance of all labor force classes; Managers, Engineers and Technicians, and improve their skills and experience through modern and practical training courses, and enhance human resources through exchanging industrial experience between different centers. By providing training, education and integrated solutions with high quality of consultation level for employees who are looking for modern carrier development in business and quality in several professional fields, which is matching nowadays with the current development of the Middle East countries.
Alex for You Vision

To understand and respect the uniqueness, sense of purpose, creativity in learning, and the capabilities of its learners and quality of its educational, training and discovery models. These put learners first in a community-based educational environment that identifies and celebrates humanistic values while embracing creativity and innovation for the common good.

Alex for You Strategies
  1. Offer modern training programs.
  2. Choose the most important and suitable to economy and industry.
  3. Gather the best local and Arabian professional and academic trainers and experts.
  4. Give more interest to practical training.
  5. To implement client request for special courses.
  6. Marketing our training plan to service and target vocational authorities.
Alex for You Objectives
  1. Providing Trainees with information & knowledge that help them to perform high professional job.
  2. Ensure continuously total customer satisfaction.
  3. Looking forward to emphasize more on the practical aspects that allow the trainees to reach higher level of understanding.
  4. Increasing the fields of the courses according to new demands from the beneficiary companies.
  5. The center works closely with training departments of each beneficial company to assess and tailor a specific training program according to the needs of each sector.